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EECC0710 Methods of Applied Mathematics I
EECI0710 Linear Dynamical Systems
EECI0712 Modern Control System Design
EECM0721 Optical Communication Systems
EECM0740 Antenna Design
EECM0777 Adavanced Adaptive Signal Processing
EECP0715 Digital Image Processing
EECP0750 Selected Topics in Computer Engineering I
EECP0770 Computer Vision
EECS0710 Digital Signal Processing
EEEB0740 Electromagnetic Interference in High-speed Digital Circuits
EEEB0745 Programming for Embedded Systems
EEEB0750 Selected Topics in Embedded Engineering I
EEET0710 Analog Integrated Circuit Design
EEET0715 VLSI Circuit Design
EEET0750 Selected Topics in Electronics I (Bio-sensors and Circuits in Semiconductor technology)
EEPW0726 Analysis of Faulted Power Systems
EEPW0740 Computer Aided Power System Analysis
EEPW0750 Selected Topics in Electrical Power Engineering I
EEST0710 Satellite Systems Engineering