EECI0310 Automatic Control Systems (Lec) Sec.A ผู้สอน ผศ.ดร.ชนม์รัตน์ ตติยะวรนันท์
EECI0315 Measurement and Instrumentation (Lec) Sec.AThis course allows guest users to enter
EECI0317 Network for Industrial Automation/METR0440 Network for Industrial Automation
EECI0420 Computer Control System (Lec)
EECI0424 Programmable Logic Control (Lec)
EECI0425 Modern Control Engineering (Lec)
EECI0440 Introduction to Robotics/EECI0454 Robotic Engineeing
EECI0444 Power Electronics system control
EECI0446 Artificial Intelligent Systems/METR0460 Intelligent Mechatronics System
EECI0452 Industrial Management
EECI0712 Modern Control System Design
METR0320 Power Electronics for Mechatronics (Lec)
METR0340 Advanced Industrial Control System/EECI0450 Advanced Industrial Control Systems
METR0360 Mechatronics System Design
METR0400 Industrial Management and Quality Insurance\EECI0452 Industrial Management and Quality Insurance
METR0450 Digital Image Processing
METR0499 Special Problem in Mechantronic Eng.