MECH0111 Engineering Mechanics II
MECH0115 Basic Engineering Drawing
MECH0210 Fluid Mechanics
MECH0211 Applied Fluid Mechanics
MECH0215 Solid Mechanics
MECH0220 Thermodynamics
MECH0225 Basic Mechanical Engineering
MECH0230 Mechanical Engineering Drawing
MECH0315 Measurement and Instrumentations
MECH0320 Applied Solid Mechanics
MECH0350 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I
MECH0351 Mechanical Engineering Laboratory II
MECH0420 Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
MECH0440 Introduction to Finite Element Analysis
MECH0451 Turbomachinery
MECH0461 Internal Combustion Engines
MECH0462 Heat Transfer
MECH0464 Design of Thermal Systems
MECH0497 Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineerin
MECH0499 Special Problems in Mechanical Engineering