CIVL0210 Civil Engineering Materials and Testing
CIVL0221 Applied Mathematics in Civil EngineeringThis course requires an enrolment key
CIVL0212 Concrete Technology
CIVL0215 Solid Mechanics
CIVL0241 Engineering Survey
CIVL0260 HydraulicsThis course requires an enrolment key
CIVL0280 Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering
CIVL0311 Structural Analysis I
CIVL0320 Applied Solid Mechanics
CIVL0361 Hydraulic Engineering
CIVL0373 Foundation Engineering
CIVL0411 Reinforced Concrete Design
CIVL0413 Timber&Steel Design
CIVL0415 Computer Methods in Civil Engineering
CIVL0452 Construction Planning and Scheduling
CIVL0460 Applied Hydrology
CIVL0483 Solid Waste Management
MECH0110 Engineering Mechanics 1 (Statics)