EEPW0316 Fundamental of Power Electronics-LEC-1/2560
EEPW0430 High-Voltage Engineering 1/2560
EEPW0210 Electrical Machines I-1/2560
EEPW0315 Electrical Machines II-1/2560
EEPW0411 Elec. System Design-1/2560
EEPW0412 Advanced Electrical System Design-1/2560
EEPW0440 Electric Motor Drive 1/2560
EEPW0472 Renewable Energy 1/2560
EEPW0481 Power Electronics-1/2560
EEPW0471 Energy Conservation and Management 1/2560
EEPW0424 Electrical Power System Protection 1/2560
EEPW0425 Electrical Power System Analysis 1/2560